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About Regal Banquet Halls

Regal Banquet Halls Ocean Drive, Hollywood Beach Florida - Seating for 150

Regal Banquet Hall is a full scale Banquet Hall company that can accommodate all of your function, party and entertainment needs. Whether you are having a wedding, sweet sixteen party, Bar Mitzvah, Christmas Party, or fashion show then we can help you. We cater to events from as little as 10 people on up to 150 people. Best of all, you can rent our banquet hall starting.

We have a variety of seating styles from the round 6 ft tables to square, or rectangular tables. We can provide you with standard banquet chairs with cushioned seats or we can supply you with the white folding chairs. We can spruce up your function with quality cloth chair covering and sashes in your choice of colors. Simply let us know what the decor of your function is and we will outfit the banquet hall to conform to your desired color scheme. We can also put you in touch with center piece designers to create great centerpieces for your weddings, christenings or other functions that require such decorations.

Regal Banquet Halls can also cater your function for you. Simply provide us with your desired menu and our chefs will go to work and prepare you the best, most sumptuous food for you and your guests. We can cater buffet style or with a full compliment of servers to wait on your guests hand and foot. We can also provide you with bar tenders and even a full bar where guests pay for the drinks or a prepaid open bar style. We can also connect you with great cake makers that cam make you any cake in whatever style and design your heart desires.

For your entertainment needs we can provide you with a DJ setup with pre-programmed music that simply plays for the duration of the event. We can provide you with a DJ that will play the style of music you want and provide live chatter to entertain you and your guests throughout the entire function. We can also provide you with a live band that can play whatever style of music your function requires.

If your function needs videotaping we can pre wire the banquet hall with a three camera setup and have our videographer videotape the entire event for a very reasonable price. We will control the cameras and lighting remotely so that your guests are not disturbed by the videotaping process.

We want to ensure that your function is a success so we also assist you with the event planning of your event by providing you with access to our event planning software FREE of charge if you are hosting your event at our banquet hall. It allows you to enter the names of all of your guests. From there you can designate seating arrangements, meal choices and drink requirements for your guests. This information can be used by our staff in determining who gets what as meals are being served. This also aids you in ordering sufficient quantities of the types of foods your guests desire. You can also order custom invitations via our software or print your own invitations from the built in templates onto blank invitation paper. You can email your guests in advanced of the event with their online invitations with RSVP capabilities to prepare for the correct amount of guests. These emails will also contain directions that your guests can print out and your gift registry information. This software will save you a lot of time, headaches and hassles when planning your special event and is there for you to use to help you to make your event a success.

Here is a partial list of events you can host at Regal Banquet Halls:
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Christenings
  • Anniversary parties
  • Christmas parties
  • Sweet Sixteen Birthday Parties
  • Halloween Parties
  • Valentines Parties
  • Business Training Seminars
  • Motivational Seminars
  • Certification Training Classes
  • Office Software Training Classes
  • Business Training Lunches
  • Trade Shows
  • All Age parties
  • 4th of July Parties
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Dance Studio
  • New Years Parties
  • Talent Shows
  • Modeling Competitions
  • Children's Fashion Shows
  • Baby Showers
  • Reggae parties
  • Plays
  • Poetry Nights
Contact Regal Banquet Halls today to host your next big event with us and let us help you simplify your live and make your function a success. Regal Banquet Halls, Ocean Drive, Hollywood Beach, Florida. Phone (954) 358-9917

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